Sales CRM

Product Overview

Empower your sales team to use this valuable solution anywhere to access critical data for customers, prospects, and leads.

Product Features

  • Visibility to see and maintain account information for customers, prospects, and leads 
  • View customer owned equipment and related service records
  • Map and directions to see your prospective buyers
  • Management can set goals for the sales team and see activity
  • Rental equipment sales option for charts available
  • Salesperson will  see their goals with actual equipment sales and forecast charts available
  • Access Equipment Inventory and images stored
  • Track sales opportunities and related activities
  • Create quick quotes or detailed quotes
  • Add images to Equipment Inventory taken with your mobile device
  • Create an estimate and change to Closed-Won status to create a service sales invoice
  • Capture signatures for quote authorization.
  • Create Opportunities
  • Manage sales activities
  • Sales goals by department

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