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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my current data be converted for Primus?

Yes. All of your data from your current business system will be converted for use in Primus.

Will I have to buy a brand new business system when I convert to Primus?

No. We have designed an upgrade pricing structure that makes it affordable for you to convert to Primus.

Will there be training available for Primus?

Yes. We will continue to have our training options available for Primus to ensure a smooth transition and an optimized end-user experience.

Will I be able to get the same modules that I am using now in my current business system?

Yes. We have strategically designed our software bundle solutions that will ensure you receive what you have now and more.

Will I be able to upgrade my software bundle if I see that I need to later?

Yes. You can do this at any time when necessary.

Will my monthly fees include users?

Yes. Your monthly fee will include how many individual users you have that use the system and can be increased at any time when needed.

Why should I purchase my devices from you instead of another vendor?

Our devices are configured specifically to function seamlessly with your business system and will come arrive ready for use.

If I do not see a partner interface on the list would this mean there is not one available?

No. We are always teaming with industry partners to make available the interfaces that you need to make your job easier.

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