Purchase Orders

Product Overview

Purchase Order will allow you to manage all your company’s purchases from request to receipt. This integrated solution will allow you to create your company’s items list as well as associated values for departments, tax codes, categories, etc.  You will be able to create any item desired including but not limited to: Equipment, Computers, Office Supplies, Fixed Assets, etc. and all applicable fields provided based on the type of item.

Purchase Orders allows an end-user to create a Purchase Order and add items to the order. Definitions can be set to enable employees the option to request items for purchase, including a management approval process.

The parts purchase ordering integrates with service and counter sales invoicing to generate orders based on sales and inventory demands.

Product Features

  • Employee request and approval workflow available
  • Purchase order number auto-generates with a prefix option
  • Track items by store
  • Unlimited items per purchase order
  • Print or email purchase orders
  • Repeat purchase order to make repetitive purchases easier
  • Review past purchases and compare previous pricing or number of times purchased
  • Search / inquiry / reporting capabilities
  • Auditing
  • Integrates with Accounts Payable and Equipment Inventory

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