Your Around the Clock Assistant

The intelligent solution for scheduling and managing your workforce.


Service Appointments

Service Department at-a-glance. See your daily/weekly service appointments all in one place.


Shared Team Calendar

Calendars to keep your sales and service teams organized and productive.


Scheduling Flexibility

Edit/move your appointments with ease to accommodate efficiency in all departments.

Status Updates

Check in on sales activities

Know your sales team’s activities at all times from anywhere.

Scheduling - Status Updates

Monitor your sales team’s activity


Quickly oversee the activity generated from your sales team as often as necessary.

Scheduling - Monitoring


Stay notified on upcoming events

Want to see what is upcoming? Be notified of upcoming calendar events to stay on schedule.

Scheduling - Events


Empowerment to Maximize Your Time

Optimize how your team spends their time while maximizing your customer service and sales productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drag/drop a calendar event on the calendar?

Yes. You can have full edit capabilities for calendar events once they have been scheduled, including drag and drop for a simple rescheduling.

Can I create a recurring event?

Yes. Recurring events are easy to create and maintain in Primus with options needed to customize your different types of events.

As a manager, will I be able to track the changes made to calendar events?

Yes. You will be able to fully audit any event planned to see the changes made to each record and who made them.

Can I choose to see only my calendar?

Yes. You can choose to see only your calendar events at any point in time without having to set cumbersome filters each time.

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