This tool provides numerous advantages including a “dashboard,” real-time graphical reporting of each department, real-time graphical or numeric financial data to allow the employees to more easily achieve sales and operational goals and clean graphs/charts making it easy for all users to understand.


  • Standard and advanced search criteria
  • Define columns you desire for your reports
  • Add a calculated column
  • Ascending / descending sort capabilities
  • Add sums, averages, etc.
  • Drag and drop technology
  • Drilldown from a chart to see the details
  • Export to Excel, PDF and other popular formats
  • Create custom dashboards for live data reporting
  • Reports can be printed including a chart
  • Advanced Reporting includes:
    • Custom Design
    • Across Module Design
    • Group Indexing for easy access on screen
    • Access to a library of pre-set query views created by the development team
    • Create your own library of queries for your customized lookups
    • Pivot Grids – a multi-dimensional data aggregation and summarization tool
  • Chart styles available for you to select including three dimensional and color options
  • Charts can be used with pivot grids
  • Defined grouping

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