Three Things to Consider When Switching Business Systems


Transitioning to a new business system can be a major challenge (but it doesn’t have to be!). Everything from data security to lack of training can cause the shift to happen less efficiently than you would like. 

Over the many years we’ve spent upgrading business systems in the most seamless way possible, we’ve learned a few things that can help ease your transition. Here are three insights to give you more confidence when updating your tech.

1. Partner with a provider who is in it for the long haul. 

Many business system providers will seem appealing when they’re trying to sell you on a new system. But once the sale is closed, they may not deliver the support you were promised. To successfully transition systems, you need ongoing help from experts. And that means guidance you can trust before, during, and long after the sale.

At Basic, we have a professional Help Desk that provides non-stop service, including industry-specific guidance. Our expert analysts work with dealers daily and transform that experience into insights that will help you succeed. 

2. Commit to ongoing training.

Based on our experience, 90 percent of the employee frustration that occurs during the implementation of a new business system happens due to lack of knowledge and training. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of all training sessions offered. You want key employees to become so familiar with the new system that they can help guide their colleagues.

When you work with Basic, our approach to training isn’t one and done. The training sessions we offer are designed to fit your unique needs and to provide information that will allow you to successfully operate your new business system. 


3. Anticipate and embrace growing pains.

Remember when you upgraded your flip phone to a smartphone? At first, it was a little tough learning how everything worked. But then one of your kids or a savvy friend showed you a few tricks, and wallah! This single source for communication, internet access, photo capture, content streaming, and so much more changed your life forever. 

It’s the same way with learning a smarter, more holistic business system. Once you’re comfortable using the new technology, it will undoubtedly optimize the way you do business. As an example, Primus–our advanced business system solution–gives you enhanced access to your information from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll also experience the world of real-time accounting, which allows for better cash flow management, quicker, more strategic decisions, and extensive reporting and analysis. And these are just a few of the myriad efficiencies Primus offers. 

If you’re in the market for a business system upgrade, consider Primus, which we’ve designed to help minimize complexity and maximize efficiency. Visit our website to learn more.

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