How to Know When You’re Ready for a System Upgrade


Change can be scary. Especially the type of change that requires you to learn a whole new business system for your dealership. We don’t want you to be left sputtering in the dust of competitors who’ve decided to take the plunge. So we’ve come up with a simple checklist to help you determine when the time is right for an upgrade.

Does your current setup feel limiting?
After 40-plus years in the industry, we understand the frustrations that come with cumbersome technology and processes. Given the state of the world today, you need a solution that’s flexible and mobile. If you can’t access your business system from your phone–while at home with the kids or sitting on a beach in Florida–it’s time for a connectivity enhancement.

Are you prepared for a sales boom?
According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, annual sales of tractors and combines in 2020 exceeded sales in 2019. In fact, surveys show that U.S. farmers will be continuing to make significant investments in equipment–perhaps the most we’ve seen since 2015. To keep pace with this acceleration, you need a solution like Primus, which includes a fully integrated Sales CRM tool. This will help you simplify processes and promote robust sales growth for your business.

Is your software user-friendly?
We’ve already established the fact that your business system needs to be mobile. If it’s not, it doesn’t pass the user-friendly test. And if you’re spending way too much time on trouble shooting and training, chances are it’s time for an upgrade. At Basic, we know time equals money. That’s why Primus has a fully mobile and intuitive design that cuts down on training time for new employees, ultimately boosting profitability.

If your answers to the questions above imply that you’re ready for a tailored business system solution, we’re here to help. We created Primus for a dealership specifically like yours. Want to see how it works? Request a demo. Or get in touch with one of our sales reps to discover how Primus can elevate your business.

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