Why You Should Focus on Results, Not Resolutions


The beginning of January is often a time when we resolve to become better versions of ourselves. We start diets. We vow to be more productive. We look for ways to get more sleep. But according to a study from the University of Scranton published in Business Insider, 23% of people quit their resolutions after a week and only 19% are able to maintain their goals in the long term. 

Why? The article points to an unwillingness to change as the leading cause. On January 1, after two weeks of holiday eating, it may seem like a good idea to hit the gym five times a week. But if your heart isn’t in it, eventually the daily gym trips will turn into more time at home on the couch. 

So how do you successfully set a goal and see it through? It may be cliche, but we like to say “Keep your eyes on the prize.” Going on a diet? Think about how great you’ll feel when you’ve established healthy habits and don’t lament all the tasty food you’ll have to avoid eating. 

Nothing is more true when it comes to integrating a new business system into your dealership. When you focus on the implementation process, the road ahead can seem daunting. We’re always transparent about this with our customers. To be successful, both mindsets and behaviors will need to change. But the benefits will far outnumber the challenges you’ll have to overcome. 

As an example, if you’ve resolved to spend more time with your family in 2022, a holistic business system such as Primus will help you get there. Primus is our web-based business system that allows you to take your business system with you, wherever you need to go. You can manage everything from accounting to scheduling and inventory control all from your laptop or phone. Need to be home with a sick child? It’s no problem with Primus. 

If you’d like to learn more about all the ways Primus can make your business more efficient and productive–while freeing you to live your best life–let us know. Want to try it out? Request a demo.

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