Shifting the Paradigm from Quick Sales to Long-Term Partnerships


Think about the last time you bought a car and were happy with the purchase and overall experience. Did you simply show up one day, select the first car you saw, and immediately agree to all the salesperson’s upselling efforts?

The likely answer is no. In actuality, you probably spent time researching the best vehicle for your family, took several different cars for test drives, and talked through the possibilities with a salesperson who didn’t make you feel pressured. They may have even talked you out of several options, mindful of your budget or the needs of your family. In the end, you probably left feeling like this person was a friend, always looking out for your best interest. 

When you invest in a new business system for your dealership, we want you to have an experience built on partnership and trust. Shifting platforms is a big commitment in time, money, and resources. You should decide to upgrade based on a distinct set of problems that need to be solved and a clear outline of operational and organizational goals. 

That’s why, from the outset of any conversation a Basic salesperson has with a potential client, they take time to understand the customer’s workflow inside and out, identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. We want to be a trustworthy, long-term partner–not just another vendor trying to make a sale. And we want to make sure your dealership is ready to make the significant yet rewarding shift to a mobile business system. 

Primus is our web-based business system that allows you to take your business with you anywhere. When you make the decision to invest in it, we want you to feel the same way you would if you decided to buy that brand new convertible you’ve been dreaming about for years. You should be confident that you made the right choice and have the support you need if unexpected issues arise. 

At Basic, our support team is readily available to ensure you have everything you need to transition to a new system successfully. After we’ve spent time getting to know you and training your team, operating your business with Primus will feel as smooth as driving your new convertible down a freshly paved road, wind in your hair, and ready for wherever the day takes you. 

Ready to take Primus for a test drive? Request a demo. Or, if you’d like to connect a salesperson who will be laser-focused on your best interests, let us know.

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