Why We Want You to Want Us


Did you know that 55% of marriages that happen in the world today are arranged? That’s 26,250,000 arranged marriages annually, according to a recent data study. While we’re not here to critique this still prevalent custom, it does cause us to draw a few parallels to a common occurrence in our industry.

As many of you know, manufacturers will often stipulate which software vendors dealers can work with. While this practice does benefit us, it can lead to the pitfalls of an arranged marriage scenario. What if your marriage partner isn’t a good fit, and you’re stuck in an unhappy situation? Worse still, what if their lifestyle and values are completely incompatible with your own?

For many of us, the power to choose who–or even if–we marry is a freedom we take for granted. And it’s a freedom we want you to have too, when choosing a comprehensive business system for your dealership. Simply put, we want you to want to work with us. 

Just like building a strong marriage takes commitment from both parties, integrating a new business system into your everyday processes takes time and true partnership among everyone involved. At Basic, we try to make this process as seamless as possible. And things go even easier when you’re excited about working with us. 

If you’re considering a shift to a web based platform, let’s start with a conversation and make sure our system, Primus, is a good fit for your culture and needs. While we think Primus is great–it does everything from financial reporting to inventory control and more–it may take a few dates to get to know each other. And that’s okay. We’re willing to do the hard work to earn your trust. 

When you’re ready to learn more about Primus, our integrated  system for financial reporting, inventory control, appointment scheduling and more, reach out to one of your sales reps. Or if you’d like to take Primus out for a spin, request a demo.

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During our normal business hours (7:30am - 5:30pm CT), our highly qualified team is available to assist you with any questions you may have.