We’re In It to Win It with You


Those of us who’ve played a sport know that long-term success takes practice, discipline, and patience. And when it comes to team sports, winning requires commitment from everyone involved. It’s no different when you make the decision to implement a new software system for your dealership. Simply put, achieving good results takes time.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that it takes roughly six months for dealerships to see substantial improvements in operational efficiencies after they’ve adopted any new business system. Why? Employees need to become comfortable with the new platform. And the rate at which they do so can vary based on your dedication to training and an employee familiarity with technology.

It’s not uncommon to see dealers give up on their system because they feel like they aren’t seeing results. We encourage our customers to stay the course and remember that Basic is invested in your success, too. We are committed to supporting you, embracing your feedback, learning from challenges, and continually updating Primus, our holistic business software solution, to evolve with your changing needs.

In fact, our investment in your success is the reason we developed Primus. We saw the need for a business system that a customer could access from anywhere, using a mobile device. And the efficiencies Primus brings to everything from inventory control to invoicing and reporting can be massive–if you are willing to put in the time and training it takes for your employees to become proficient users.

If you are working through the growing pains of your new system, don’t forget that we are here for you every step of the way. If you’re considering implementing a new software, give one of our sales reps a call or request or request a demo. Let us show you what true partnership and superior customer service looks like.

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