Why Ongoing Training is a Game Changer


Imagine running a marathon without training first or doing any sort of research. You don’t have the right footwear, so you get blisters or twist an ankle. You don’t properly hydrate, so you’re plagued with cramps. And because you didn’t put in any hours on the pavement for the race, you aren’t able to cross the finish line. 

Just like you can’t successfully finish a race without training, it’s difficult to run a business without ongoing training for your employees—especially when it comes to training on essential aspects of your business such as your point-of-sale system. According to a recent article published by Indeed, a leading site that connects businesses with potential employees, there is an increased need to align employee skills, knowledge, and abilities with rapid advancements in technology. And one of the best ways to do that is through training.

 When it comes to training, the Basic approach isn’t one and done. We work alongside you to tailor an ongoing training experience for the software system you’re currently using. That includes PrimeLIVE—training for Primus, our newest software release—and Basic Training, where we help you with everything from rental inventory to parts order management. The best thing is that it’s all online, so you can train at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. 

 When you work with us to develop a rigorous, ongoing training strategy, the benefits can be significant. Not only will you see big improvements in customer and employee experience, but as Indeed points out, you’ll enjoy improvements in productivity and performance, reduced need for supervision, and more streamlined, efficient work processes, to name a few. 

 Check out our training options to learn how you can get started on your path toward a winning strategy for employee training. Let us help you create a seamless technology experience, so you can focus less on how you run your business and more on winning sales.

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