Transitioning to Primus


The buzz of Primus is taking off. Last Fall, Basic Software introduced Primus, a brand new web-based responsive business system solution that gives you the ability to work on the move with no restrictions. With 42 years of industry experience, our team at has commissioned the latest and greatest technology to take you into the future with productivity and efficiency in mind. Primus is a single product that handles all of the intricate details that go along with running your business, with no more complexity of apps or plug-ins getting in the way.

Though Primus is a brand new business system, , we have committed to our existing customers the affordability that makes purchasing Primus a simple decision. We assure a full data transition to our current customers. We are committed to starting our customers off on the right foot when it comes to clean business data. We partner with our customers to assist with the detailed scrutiny of validating data in the conversion process, and are devoted to the cause of helping in the adaptation to the change. Because this is a new business system solution, there is an imminent change that will require adapting to new processes and developing new comfort zones. We’re here to support our customers in that.

Our Implementation Team is committed to the success of each and every conversion. Our first priority is our customer’s business success.. Adaptation can be difficult, and we are here for the long haul. Though we don’t guarantee that a single conversion will be easy, we do guarantee that you have us as partners to help usher in the change and ensure high-level customer service. Effective communication and diligent attention to the process is the key to the success of your conversion to Primus.

Talk to our team today about how you can transition to Primus. We’re available for demos, conversations, or detailed inquiries for those who are interested.

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