Adapting to Change – Our 2021 Outlook


Adaptable – this word sums up 2020 for many around the world. For something to be adaptable, it must be capable of changing to match new surroundings or conditions. We all found ourselves navigating through sudden changes over the past year,  requiring us to adapt to a new, temporal normal. Until these sudden changes, we’ve all adapted to more subtle changes throughout the years – like technology and information processing. After years of experience at Basic, we have seen many changes that have resulted in adaptive solutions. We understand the modern challenges that businesses face, and have been working tirelessly to solve them for our customers.Primus is our new web-based and responsive solution that brings your entire business system with you wherever you are, allowing for productivity while juggling multiple positions or personal endeavors, all at the same time.

Our goal for 2021 is to get Primus in the hands of more and more businesses for increased capabilities and productivity. Education is a high commodity. We have many opportunities to learn more about our new business system and have an eager team ready to help you explore innovative change. While we have worked hard to get Primus where it is today, our work is not done. We have a vision and a plan for the ongoing evolution of Primus. Primus will continue to adapt to the constant changes and demands that are initiated by time.

Change may be embraced by some, but not all. Regardless, we all know that change is necessary. Our team is excited for 2021 and what it will bring for our customers and their customers. We are proud and honored to serve the industry that we serve. This industry is part of the heartbeat of America, and as long as that heart is beating, we will be serving and adapting to each and every beat.

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