How to Plan for a Business System Upgrade


Warren Buffet once said, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” His comment on the power of foresight–visualizing a goal, creating a plan to get there, and having the patience to see it through–reminds us of the planning it takes to implement a new business system. If you do it right, everyone’s lives become a lot easier in the future.

With Primus, our holistic system that gives you access to information from anywhere, total implementation is not an overnight process. And that’s not because we’re dragging our feet. We take time to make sure you’ve done a full accounting health review, that you meet all the technical requirements, and, perhaps most importantly, that your business is ready for significant internal change.

How Healthy Are You?
While it’s certainly one of our goals to help you stay as stress-free as possible during the conversion, what we’re talking about here is the health of your business system data. We make it easy by helping you examine your data and company records, and by establishing a preliminary data pool. We want to make sure your accounts are as clean and organized as possible before we implement the new system.

Do You Have the Right Tech?
We start by making sure your entire environment is capable of successfully running Primus in an efficient manner. This can be a challenge, so we provide an easy-to-follow guide to help you out. Our goal is to do a thorough technical environment review and provide recommended changes, if any, so your system runs quickly and efficiently when you launch.

Are You Ready for Change?
A change in your business system can be disruptive to the workflow, especially if you and your team aren’t prepared. Daily procedures will need to change across every department in your business to adapt to the design of the business system software and its processes and workflows. The best way to combat the frustration that can result is through training–before, during, and after implementation. Basic offers numerous training options to ensure everyone is comfortable with the new system, so you can increase your speed to market.

We know adopting a new business system can feel overwhelming. But with Primus, it doesn’t have to be. To see how Basic partners with you to make implementation as pain-free as possible, get in touch with one of our sales reps. Interested in giving Primus a trial run? Request a demo.

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