Announcing Our Exciting New Partnership with Kenect


Think of all the great things that happen when two industry innovators partner up. Apple is a great example, bringing superior music streaming capabilities into vehicles and teaming up with Nike to develop activity tracking solutions. 

Channeling this spirit of innovation, we’re collaborating with Kenect to bring business texting services to our clients. This partnership is our latest initiative to help dealerships conduct business efficiently each and every day. 

Kenect shares our future-forward mindset and is continuously looking for new ways to help its clients stay ahead of the competition. With their text-based services, customers are seeing a number of benefits, including increased revenue, improved efficiency, enhanced communication, and more. Together, we can do great things for your business!

Like our friends at Kenect, the team at Basic never sits still. We’re constantly moving forward to improve our products, enhance customer experiences, and grow our business relationships with other companies. As always, our goal is to bring new and innovative solutions to our customers, so we can succeed together. If you’d like to learn more about Basic and our holistic software solutions, visit our website. And be sure to check out all that Kenect has to offer when you visit them online.

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