Integrating kCommerce to Enhance Order Processing for Dealers


At Basic, we exist to help our customers optimize their dealerships. That means we’re constantly looking for new technologies and partnerships that will boost efficiency and productivity for our clients. 

In the spirit of continuous innovation, today we’re discussing the integration of kCommerce for our Basic and Primus customers at Kubota dealerships. This new service gives your customers the opportunity to place orders online for all Kubota and Land Pride parts. It’s a faster, more streamlined experience that your clients will love.

If you’re a Kubota dealer, you’ll be excited to discover the following benefits of this new integration:

  • Real-time parts inventory reporting
  • Real-time sales tax calculating
  • Real-time orders for dealer processing

All of these enhancements add up to a better shopping experience for your customers and a more accurate and efficient way to manage your dealership. 

As we integrate kCommerce into your business system, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. We’ve developed a number of guidelines and training materials to help you prep your business for success.

Want to learn more about the kCommerce integration? Connect with one of our salespeople. And to learn more about all the new innovations Basic is developing to enhance our customer’s business processes, check out our website.

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