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Unlocking Hidden Potential: Maximizing Your Business System Through Exploration and Communication


A common situation in our industry is that many people don’t ask their business system provider questions or simply assume their software system cannot perform certain desired functions. It’s like buying a car with a different climate control setup than we’re used to; just because the heated seat button is in a different location than our previous car doesn’t mean the vehicle isn’t worth using. Often, we’re willing to give up a lot for one small feature when all it takes is asking questions or exploring the existing options to gain awareness and familiarity.

Training and communication are crucial but can only go so far if the message isn’t received,, internalized, or passed on to other employees. Choosing constant change as a quick solution is tempting, especially when a new employee adapts to a different business system setup. However, taking the “path of least resistance” by getting an entirely new business system isn’t always the best approach. People may only be willing to change once they genuinely need it, and then they’re thankful for the insight and improvements. Our advice? Invest time in understanding and utilizing your existing software before deciding if a change is necessary. Chances are, the tools you need are just waiting to be discovered.

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