Data Logic PBT9500 Cordless Scanner

  • Cordless Bar Code Scanner gives you the freedom to move away from the point-of-sale counter to scan parts and equipment to an open ticket from the showroom floor, warehouse or outside sales lots. Scanner continues to scan and store data when you step outside of its range of 75 feet so it can be downloaded to the open ticket when you step back in to range
  • Equipped with the most advanced optics from Data Logic, including a ‘liquid lens’ which allows the imager to adapt the focus at different distances
  • A new aiming system consists of a central cross and four dots in the corners
  • Guarantees reliable and long term operations
  • Comes with Base for charging

Data Logic


Zebra LI2208 Bar Code Coded Scanner

  • Bar Code Scanner is a time saving device and excellent for use at point-of-sale counter to scan parts and equipment to open tickets. This Scanner can also be used for Time Clock and for Technicians in Service Area to keep accurate records of time spent on each service ticket/work order.
  • Durable Construction: Reduces downtime and service costs
  • Automatic In-Stand Detection: Allows seamless transition from hand-held to presentation mode scanning.
  • Delivers superior scanning speed
  • Stand Included


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